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Annie Clark is an indie luminary on tour, with six albums she has released with St. Vincent, as well as a collaboration with Sufjan Stevens, who recently completed production on the record Sleater - Kinney. St. Vincent is considered one of the most influential artists of her generation, so we've put together a "St. Vincent Guide" to honor her latest album and upcoming tour.

Her debut album was her debut, followed by Marry Me (2007), and the rest was a steady stream of albums, singles and collaborations with other artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Sleater - Kinney, among others.

The result was a contemporary group that explores a variety of musical styles, including folk, pop, jazz and taizé. The music of the Low Masses belongs to the music of St. Vincent as well as the daily Masses. Unless otherwise stated in the music list bulletin, all instruments are designed by Annie St - Vincent Clark.

In addition to his work with Dua Lipa, St. Vincent has been performing as a solo artist in the USA and Europe for over 30 years. Every piece she has ever done has been performed by her, with the exception of her first solo album, "St. Vincent and the Low Masses.

The polyphonic gig provided the necessary kick-start to Clark's career and ushered in a completely different musical education on the road, supporting indie artist Sufjan Stevens before embarking on his own solo career as St. Vincent. Clark has been on tour since he was 16, when he was the bass player for the US version of indie rock band Dua Lipa. He learned to construct and appreciate life off the streets, and the performance of Polyphonics offers the leap - off the mark that his career needs to start. After a brief stop in New York City on Friday, December 14, St. Vincent's tour dates will end in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 20.

In 2007, St. Vincent quit on his own and signed with Beggars Banquet, which released his first full-length album, "Married. In early 2011 he met again with producer Congleton, and in September 2011 he released the first of his two solo albums, his debut album. Since then he has released three more records, leading up to the release of St Vincent last month, including a collaboration with Talking Heads "David Byrne called Love Giant, which was released in 2012.

With all that in the way, here's a look back at the ever-impressive work St. Vincent has given us so far. This version is an indispensable listening experience, as is his debut album, with which he began a solo career under a pseudonym. The program is interspersed with some tracks from his earlier solo albums and some of his most recent works.

Marry "is essentially an introduction to Annie Clark's musical personality, and the title song recalls her early days as a singer-songwriter for John Bebe. Marry, "which is essentially an outlet - where you can plug in Prince George's" The Prince of Darkness "from his debut album at will.

The name comes from the hospital where the poet Dylan Thomas died in 1953 and the church where he was born.

To distinguish between his private and public self, he published the project under the name of the hospital in New York City where the poet Dylan Thomas died in 1953 and the church in which he was born. In 2006, after recording his first album, he took the stage name St. Vincent, but it wasn't until 2010 that he realized his true identity, when he adopted the nickname "St. Vincent" from Nick Cave's lyrics. Born on July 12, 1953 in Dallas, Texas, in the United States, St. Vincent spent most of his childhood in Texas.

He was a member of various groups such as Polyphonic Spree and Surfjan and recorded his first EP in 2006 and performed as St. Vincent. In 2010 Palindromes released an EP entitled "Rat liveonnoevilstar" under his real name, as he is St. Vincent, while he was a member of his own band, the R.V.I.P.E.S.A.R.D. Band.

Annie Clark released her first EP "Ratliveonnoevilstar" during her visit to Berklee, but we haven't seen an official release of St. Vincent since. Clark wore a shimmering dress on the cover, wore her hair pouffed purple and white and held nothing back in her acclaimed "St. Vincent," an album that would mark the beginning of her career as a solo artist. Her voice carries raw rage and dulcimer adoration as she marries her self - "st Vincent" - and her performance of the album's title song is breathtaking.

In each song, St. Vincent suggests a different way of escaping the cyclical commodification of women, but her unusual lyrics, which she says have the quality of a panic attack, are drawing in music fans.

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More About Saint Vincent